General Points

Just Bond – we concentrate all of our time, talents, and efforts on bonds. Allstates does not handle any insurance.

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Contract Bonds

Sticks and bricks construction projects comprise our core business – both public and private.

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Commercial Bonds

We provide a variety of commercial bonds for business owners and individuals.

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Allstates Bonding is one of the largest bond only agencies in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  We work with many of the top 15 of the largest sureties in the United States. Possibly more important to our clients and our success, we also have relationships with several middle market surety companies  that enable us to place tougher, more difficult bonds that make us unique in our ability to get these bonds done.

The strength of Allstates is mix of our experience, creativity and surety company relationships to secure larger bond programs and single bonds that our competition believes are unattainable.  Allstates specializes in surety bonds – both construction and commercial. We do not handle insurance. All of our resources, time, & talents are focused on providing the most flexible and competitive bond programs for our clients.

Our client base is vast and versatile. We boast long term relationships with contractors of all different types and sizes, as well as service industry businesses. We support each customer with every necessary bond – permit bonds as small as $1,000, Tax bonds as high as $10 million and provided performance and payment bonds in excess of $100,000,000 to our clients. Our clients have come to expect superior service for their surety bond needs no matter how small or how large their bond need(s) may be.