About AllStates Bonding

Who We Are

AllStates Bonding is one of the largest SURETY BOND (only) agencies in the country. We work with most of the top 15 largest surety companies in the United States and take great pride in these relationships. Possibly more important to many of our clients, and to our success, is the fact that we also have developed relationships with a number of middle market surety companies over the years that have enabled us to get bonds approved in the most challenging of circumstances. Because of this we have developed a well deserved reputation for getting bonds approved that no other surety agent could get done. Despite our growth over the past 20 years we continue to welcome the challenges presented by the toughest of situations.

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Our History

AllStates Bonding was founded in 1999 by Bill Rushton. Bill’s goal was to start a Surety Bond (only) agency that focused on putting together Surety Bond programs for its clients that exceeded what they had come to expect from any of their previous surety bond brokers.

Over the past 20 years we have worked extremely hard to build a large and diverse book of business. Because we are a 1st generation company, and didn’t have the advantage of inheriting a book of business, we take great pains to NEVER lose a client.

Since we had to build our client list from scratch we appreciate every one of our clients no matter how big or how small. 

"We just do surety bonds and we do them better than everyone else."

Our Mission

AllStates’ mission from day one was to obtain new clients and set them up with Surety Bond programs at terms and conditions that couldn’t be matched by any of our competitors.

Our slogan, “we just do surety bonds and we do them better than everyone else” might sound boastful but it’s the truth. By working hand in hand with our clients we are able to work with a combination of underwriters, accountants, lawyers and other consultants to make sure each of our clients have a surety program in place that gives them a leg up on their competitors not using AllStates Bonding for their bonding needs.

Almost 20 years in, we firmly believe we are THE BEST surety agency in the country and we are committed to getting better every day by continuing to work harder than our competition.

Why Choose AllStates Bonding?

We provide the most competitive bond program in the industry.

If you’re not getting your BONDS with us there is a good chance you’re competing with someone who is – and they are getting better terms, including better rates than you are.

We are 100% focused on Surety Bonds

Unlike most insurance agents, we concentrate all of our time, talents, resources and efforts on surety bonds.

Over 25 years of experience in the Surety industry

Each partner has been in the surety industry for over 25 years, including managerial experience in the underwriting departments of major surety companies.

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