Court / Judicial Bonds

Court/Judicial Bonds Overview

Judicial bonds include specialized bonds such as Fiduciary Bonds, Removal Bonds, Replevin Bonds and Appeal Bonds among others. A common bond in this area of surety bonds is the Court Bond or Judicial Bond required by a court in order to secure a appealing party’s costs of Appeal, Attachment, and/or Injunction. In other words, it’s a bond filed with the court as a guarantee. For example, a losing party to a civil court action is typically required to post a Court or Judicial Bond to guarantee payment of a verdict while the appeal process is underway. Typically, a Court will not allow for an appeal of a judgment to take place until the appellant has posted a Bond to the Court in an amount that typically exceeds the amount of the judgment against the appellant in the matter at hand. Often times the amount of the bond is 125% of the verdict amount.

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